[EVENTO] REAL TIME WEB. The next frontier. HTML5 WebRTC and Q4S Workshop and Hackathon

Real-time web : the next frontier. November 23, Madrid.


30 Av Complutense
28040 Madrid


Grupo de Internet de Nueva Generación

Real time communication (audio, video or data) is now possible using HTML5. In this Hackathon you will learn and be able to do all kind of applications that use these features. Even if you don’t know about it you will be able to develop an application along the day. The leaders of the community will teach you how things work and how to use on your new applications.

You will be able to attend to several tutorial sessions with the best experts and you will be able to demonstrate your best abilities in the Hackathon with some nice prizes. We can’t wait to see what we will build together!


10h00  Opening WebGL and Q4S Workshop

10h10  Introduction to HTML5 and to Chrome browser architecture

10h40  Introduction to WebRTC Arquitecture

11h10  Q4S: A quality of service approach for HTML5 and WebRTC

12h00 Lynckia: An Example of a WebRTC MC

12h30 WebRTC application example

13h00 ViSH: HTML5 Real Time Mashups

13h30  Presentation of WebRTC and Q4S Hackathon and networking session

20h00 Presentation of Hackathon Results

20h30 Awards and Closure



Introduce tus datos o haz clic en un icono para iniciar sesión:

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