[EVENTO] WebVisions Barcelona, un evento brutal!


WebVisions 2014Who should attend WebVisions?

In short? You.

Whether you are a designer, a UX practitioner, a strategist, a CEO or freelancer, theWebVisions schedule has something to offer you. Admittedly, it’s great to get away from your desk. It’s even better to go back to work after the event brimming with a new way of thinking about solutions, chock full of inspiration & information, armed with fresh ideas & ready to conquer the world. We’ll give you all that you need to step outside the box, interact with some of the best minds in our industries, gain insights and glimpse the future. No longer chained to their workstations, designers will learn alongside developers. Sole proprietors will get out of their pajamas and feel like the CEOs they are. CEOs will…well, they’ll still be CEOs but we love them for it! First off, we have some incredible keynote speakers. Author and web expert Lea Verou. Maria Giudice, who is director of product design at Facebook. David Pescovitz, co-editor of Boing Boing and editor-at-large for MAKE: magazine. And we can’t forget Mozilla’s Soledad Penades, who learns about weird musical instruments and tries to replicate them with JavaScript. This, my friends, is what they refer to as «the big Lebowski.» We are building a digital tribe and we want you to be a part of it. Check out the track selections below for just a snippet of what we have for each of you. Register today. You’ll thank us later. Session highlights for each track:

For designers:

Marta Armada«One Size Fits None» Rafa Soto«God is in the Details» Mark Wyner«Simplify the Handshake Between Humans and Technology: Designing with Purpose» Matthew Thomas Maloney,«Digital Diegesis: Multiplatform Story Development»

For UX practitioners:

Tim Loo«When Business Culture Kills Experience Design» Andrew Zusman,«Designing Cognitive Engagement For Everyone» Vinay Venkatraman«Data as the New Creative Raw Material»

For CEOs/principals:

Maria Giudice«Innovation Starts at the Top» Lander Muruaga,«Designing Effective Collaborative Environments» Ian Collingwood«Retention Hacking: What Makes Customers Stay – and What Makes Them Leave?»

For technologists:

Lea Verou«The Chroma Zone: Engineering Color on the Web« Javier Usobiaga«Design for Loading» Richard Powell«Data Visualisation with D3»

For inventors/makers:

Avi Itzkovitch«Designing with Sensors: Creating Adaptive Experiences» Abby Margolis» A People Centered Approach to Data and the Internet of Things» Soledad Penades«Audio for the Masses»

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